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We view our children as an integral part of the covenant family of God. They are members of the Darwin Presbyterian Church.
Have you heard the expression, “It takes a village to raise a child”? Well, we believe it takes a CHURCH to raise a child.
In a transient population like Darwin’s where families are often separated from their grand-parents, uncles and aunties and cousins, this is even more apparent. The church seeks to be a godly family and support to our young ones and their parents.
What does this mean in practice?
We pray for our children.
We encourage parents to train their children in Godly living.
We offer support, encouragement and Biblical direction to those who want to raise issues they are facing with raising their children.
We consciously take an interest in the children – some through formal ministry opportunities – others by just stopping and speaking to the younger members.
We do not send the children away so that the adults can worship! We worship together! This teaches the children, from the earliest age, that THEY are an important part of our fellowship.
Each week we provide worksheets which relate to the sermon. These have some parts for very young children, and other parts which teach older ones to listen and take very basic notes. (we are amazed at what a great job some of these young ones do!)
We offer specific children’s ministry after worship times.


Kids Club at Kormilda:

After worship for ½ - ¾ hour.



Everyone who works with children at DPC has a current Northern Territory “Working with Children” card (Ochre Card).

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